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Development itself is not always enough, sometimes it is necessary to break out of the given frames. Our research projects make ways to finding new solutions. All parties involved can benefit from the experience gained and from the fresh approach applied in our product development of software solutions.

Our research projects cover the following areas:

  • application and installation of the newest technologies into everyday processes
  • effective IT-tool based communication
  • precise information targeting
  • improved software and code quality

Since 2002 we have completed several successful R&D projects.

Research partners

Selected works:

LeOnEditor: Development of an intelligent learning-habit based learning environment

Promocio: Research and formation of intelligent project management tools

Visitor: Research and development of an intelligent indoor visitor guidance system

NAP: Research and development of a powerful application platform

Code refactoring: A code-analysis based tool for code ranking and refactoring. It was developed in co-operation with the University of Szeged. The aim of the research was to identify the quality of a complete software code that runs an automatic rating system and the code quality is then displayed on a decimal scale. The analysis tool which, by the specified criteria and their locations, can identify the problem and find the solution looks like a sorting table.

Console development: The goal of this complex system (virtual marketplace and related services) is the development of a) a trading system of services; b) secure and alternative payments; c) balance charging. The system will apply an innovative-approach in a multi-platform environment employing a unique IT process-managed methodology to trading electronic content.


Our research projects find new solutions. All parties can benefit from the experience.



We have been at the cutting edge of software development since 2000.



Research results are integrated into our development processes to create new ones.