We offer our services for the SME sector and beyond with the cooperation of PcPanda

Over a decade of success in securing smooth daily IT operation and now we continue it with PcPanda

We at Moon42 master software development as main business, we love to solve complex problems, and we really enjoy to side with our clients, offering them our interdisciplinary approach and out-of-the-box thinking.
Over a decade ago we realised, that the way we do our developments could give tremendous value on the operation side, too. So we launched a wide scope maintenance and IT support service, which secure hassle free and smooth daily operation to our clients. Besides our team offers system engineering and DevOps competencies to create more ergonomic and effective technical environment.

We offer a fully comprehensive service package to our clients, which deliveres the following items:

Server maintenance
Sysadmin tasks
Workstation management
User support
System engineering
System infrastructure extension and maintenance
IT consultancy
Network construction (LAN-WAN)
Help in relocating the hardware park
Hardware and software acquisition and out placements
Help Desk (24 hours a day)

We are the best with:
Clients, independently where they come from, or what size of business they have, who would like to focus on their core business rather than struggling with daily IT operation, who believe in value added services and bet on long term partnerships.
Let us to be your best boy ICT of your organization!

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We always calculate our prices according to clients' demands and technical circumstances. Our long term thinking enables us to customize our prices and services on demand, always keeping the mutual success on the top of the agenda.

Hardware and software

Trading devices and software for image
and sound recording


Our clients are Hungarian and international companies. We support and maintain a number of servers and network instruments, hundreds of workstations at over a 100 companies.